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Leaning Posts by Stryker | OEM Quality Aftermarket Upgrade at an Affordable Price

In this video, Steven with Stryker T-Tops reviews the features and construction of our entry level LP100 leaning post model. To show this is an easy DIY project, he walks viewers through the simple assembly process and gives some helpful installation tips. If your center console boat’s helm seating is getting old, Stryker has several leaning posts that are a great aftermarket upgrade and are affordable without compromising OEM quality standards.

The LP100 features marine grade vinyl fabric, comfortable foam cushioning and a back rest that can be positioned at almost any angle. A full sized cooler fits underneath so there’s no wasted deck space. Also, on the rear bar where the backrest mounts on, you can also clamp on any of our rod holders including our multi rod holding rocket launchers.

Quality Materials

The frame is made of true aircraft grade 6061-T6 tempered aluminum alloy for incredible strength. All tubing measures at a thick 2” outer diameter and the solid plates used for supports are 0.375” thick. Aluminum is ideal due to its great strength to weight ratio and it’s corrosion resistant which is crucial for any marine environment. For the seating, we use a quality foam fill with an attractive marine grade vinyl that is long lasting and easy to clean.

Optional Finishes

The LP100 is offered in optional anodized, powder coated white or powder coated black to match the style you have on your boat. They are also a perfect match to our t-tops and primary line of t-top accessories. Regardless of which finish you choose, you’re getting the best protection that will last many years if properly cared for. To keep them looking new, we recommend using clean water and wiping down with a clean micro fiber cloth after taking the boat out of the water. Using a cover to prevent direct exposure from rain, atmospheric pollution and UV light from the sun light will greatly extend the lifespan. For deeper cleaning, there are cleaning products specifically made for anodized aluminum or powder coatings.

Easy Assembly

The kit is designed for simple assembly- it comes in 5 separate prefabricated sections and all the hardware. For tools, you’ll need a set of Allen head wrenches, Phillips head driver for the deck screws and a little 5200 marine adhesive to seal the underside of each mounting foot. In the video, Steven covers some important tips that will save you time. In a nutshell, to put it together you bolt the two leg sections to the seat section, bolt the on the lower cross member arm to the leg sections, and clamp the back rest to back of the seat. Because the hardware is stainless steel and the leaning post is aluminum, you should coat the threads with LocTyte to prevent seizing due to galvanic reaction. Also, be extra careful to not cross thread or strip out the threads by over torqueing. Total assembly time is about 30 minutes.


Mounting a Stryker LP100 leaning post a very quick process. Determine the exact location you want it, make sure it’s evenly squared up, and mark the center of each hole on the mounting feet. Lightly mark the outline of each foot (this will help when applying the 5200 sealer adhesive). Make sure there aren’t any wires or hoses directly below the deck then predrill each hole and chamfer the opening with a 45 degree bit. Apply 5200 sealer adhesive to the deck where the four foot outlines are and gently lower leaning post in place. Screw down each deck screw but be careful not to strip out your deck- lower the torque setting on your power drill. Remove any excess 5200 and let it cure per its instructions. Double check all bolts and screws to ensure they are properly torqued down. Periodically after normal usage, it’s a good idea to check and tighten down all hardware again just to be safe.

The LP200 swing back leaning post shown at the end of this video will be featured in its own video in the near future. For now, you can get the full LP200 swing back leaning post product details here.

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