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Electronics Boxes by Stryker

An electronics box is a very popular accessory for upgrading boat t-tops. They are ideal for expanding your boat's storage space and are a perfect place for mounting electronics like a CB radio, GPS or stereo unit. Also, there is plenty of space to keep other valuables like a phone, wallet or important papers high, dry and locked up. They are designed to fit all Stryker T-Top models and certain models from other manufacturers. The large sweeping leading edge, molded tapers and curved edges all around make our e-boxes attractive and aerodynamic to keep wind noise and resistance to a minimum.

In this video, Steven with Stryker T-Tops reviews two of the models we offer: our standard SB200 electronics box and our upgraded SB330L electronics box which features a pair of marine certified 4" Fusion Marine speakers and a LED dome light. Both feature a smoked Plexiglas front door that is impact resistant, a lock with two keys included, attached cap to protect the lock, marine grade door gasket to keep water and dust out, and stainless steel hinges with springs. Although they both have the exact same dimensions on the exterior, the SB330L has slightly less interior space because of the speakers and dome light.

Unlike most competitors that use a body constructed of fiberglass, we have innovated the use of a thick, impact resistant, rotomolded composite material. It's very similar to a cooler body that is incredibly tough. This difference in material and manufacturing is a big upgrade that provides a greatly improved strength, consistency of wall thickness, and a longer lifespan. The most common drawbacks with fiberglass electronics boxes include it being more prone to cracking, yellowing or the gel coat deteriorating over time. Some customers who have received cheaper, low quality fiberglass e-box units from other manufacturers have posted images of very thin, inconsistent layers of fiberglass that actually let light through in some places. Since they are made by hand, this is a result of poor workmanship that will quickly result in cracking and failure. Here at Stryker, we have invested in and perfected the rotomolding process that rotates as the material cools so that each unit is consistently thick.

Mounting a Stryker T-Tops electronics box is very simple and can be done in only about 15-30 minutes. There are four mounting points with one at each outer corner. After installing the t-top, hold up the electronics box where it will be mounted and mark each hole making sure it's square. Proceed by drilling holes up through the tubing the use the included stainless steel mounting hardware to secure it in place. It's important to mention that you'll want to avoid drilling through your expensive canvas canopy. We advise either roping on the canvas after installing the e-box or placing at least a two inch block of wood as a buffer above the tube and under the canopy. Wiring, if needed, simply involves drilling an exit hole on the box then routing either inside the t-top's tubing or along the exterior. To keep everything water tight, we recommend using a fitted rubber grommet on the hole with wires feeding through and/or caulking with marine grade silicone sealant.

Like all our products at Stryker T-Tops, we have priced our electronics boxes very affordably without compromising an inch of quality. In fact, we always look for ways to innovate and improve to provide customers the best value and high performance products. We hope this helps but if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call, email or visit our website. Our team is ready to get you the information you need without pressuring you to buy.

Also, don't forget to browse our customer boat gallery with over 3,000 customer submitted photos and hundreds of their five star reviews. It's a great way to see how our products look when installed on a variety of our boat t-tops. We have so many different boat makes, models and years, you're sure to find your or one that's similar.

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Products Featured in this Video:

SB200 Standard Electronics Box

SB330L Electronics Box with Speakers and LED Dome Light

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