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Stryker T-Top Electronics Box

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Electronics Box

Our streamlined electronics box fits under your Stryker T-Top and provides secure locking storage of electronics or other valuables. The SB200 is rotomolded, with an acrylic door and stainless steel spring-loaded hinges. It mounts to tubing or flat surfaces with stainless steel hardware included.

Stryker’s Superior Craftsmanship:

We always use the best materials, premium components, expert craftsmanship and rigorous quality control standards before putting our name on any product. Each Stryker E-Box is quality roto molded. The sleek contoured lines and aerodynamic profile aren’t just there for good looks, they also greatly reduce drag, wind resistance and bothersome noise at cruising speeds- common problems typically found with other e-boxes on the market.

A Smart Investment In Security:

The Stryker E-Box provides a lot of security and peace of mind for a very small price. Not only will you be keeping electronics and valuables far above the deck away from splashing water, grease and fish guts, you’re also getting a completely waterproof, dust proof and locking enclosure. The front opening is precision fitted with a hefty 1/8 inch smoked plexiglass door for added privacy and features a foam gasket weather seal to keep the elements out. The door is fitted with corrosion resistant, smooth action stainless steel springed hinges for easy opening and closing. For added security, we have added a heavy duty keyed door lock (2 keys included) and a hinged rubberized key hole cover to keep water and dirt out of the lock mechanism. The Stryker E-Box is a seriously handy and inexpensive solution perfect for protecting any expensive electronic boat equipment, cell phones, jewelry or your other valuables.

Simple to Install:

The Stryker E-Box is specifically designed to mount neatly to our SG300, SG600 and SG900 universal center console boat t-tops. With just four drill holes required, it quickly mounts to existing t-top tubing or flat surfaces without the need of custom fabrication. All stainless steel hardware included.

Product Features:

• 9.5"H x 25.25"W x 22.8"L
• Roto molded
• 1/8-inch thick smoked Plexiglass door
• Stainless steel spring hinges
• Foam gasket seal
• Lockable door comes with 2 keys
• Comes with stainless hardware for mounting
• Easy installation

Nice E. Box

Very nice E. Box BUT... please offer this in black as well and for all your T-Tops pre drill the holes to mount and also offer a multi hole bracket to be able to adjust forward or back only saying because of the way my top is in correlation to my center console wish I had the option to purchase brackets and move my E. Box forward about 8-10 inches. Other than that am very impressed and happy with it.

Very easy to install very sturdy lots of room

Great customer service and timely delivery

Such a good electronics box!

Lucky to get this free with my t-top on special! After having it and using it I would easily pay for one. It's probably one of the least expensive eboxes out there and on par or better than others I've seen for much more. Have a VHF in mine with extra room for my phone, wallet and whatever. Love that it locks and has the see-through smoked door. Looking forward to picking up more Stryker products for my t-top!

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