PreSummer Boat T-Top Sale

Get a Great Deal on an Original T-Top Package by Stryker!

Build a T-Top Package for Your Boat

"Wow! Where do I begin. The SG300 boat t-top exceeded my expectation in every way. Easy to install, well made and looks great. The reactions and compliments from my boating friends and non-boating friends have all been over the top positive. My offshore friends cannot believe it was an aftermarket installation. Keep up the great work Stryker!"

Best Selling Boat T-Tops for Over 11 Years

For more than a decade, Stryker T-Tops has manufactured the best selling boat t-tops and accessories for center console boats. Dedicated to performance, style, quality and affordability, all Stryker products are expertly handcrafted using the best materials available.Make the right investment in your boat and in your sport with an original Stryker T-Top package.

How to Keep Your T-Top Looking New

Check our blog out for maintenance tips for anodized aluminum and powder coated finishes

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