Special Offer on Seleced T-Tops

Get the Best Deal of the Year on Certain T-Top Models

Build a T-Top Package for Your Boat

We bought the SG600 boat t-top with the rocket launchers and electronic box, and it has been a great addition to our boat. Money well spent!

Best Selling Boat T-Tops for Over 11 Years

For more than a decade, Stryker T-Tops has manufactured the best selling boat t-tops and accessories for center console boats. Dedicated to performance, style, quality and affordability, all Stryker products are expertly handcrafted using the best materials available.Make the right investment in your boat and in your sport with an original Stryker T-Top package.

8 Thing to Know Before Buying a T-Top

All you need to know about telling the difference between a great t-top and the ones to avoid.

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