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Anchor - Delta Style 14 lbs - 316 Stainless Steel

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This is great deal on a serious, OEM quality 14 pound delta style anchor that can go toe-to-toe with any other on the market. Only exception is that these are available at an extremely low factory direct price and, because it was produced in a limited run, quantities are also very low. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Made from premium quality 316 stainless steel, these anchors are professionally crafted to last many, many years of exposure to the harshest of environments. More than just a great looking, flawlessly polished piece to adorn the bow of your boat, each unit is precision built to meet very high OEM specifications and performance requirements including: an aggressive initial bite, incredible holding power and reliability, sleek hydrodynamic profile and properly weighted with optimized surfaces for self-orienting drops. 

Because our reputation is on the line, each unit has been carefully inspected for flaws and manufacturing defects to ensure you get the absolute best in quality and reliability. Rest assured, this is a great performing anchor and you are getting a lot for your money- this is a great buy!

• 14 pound self launching, non-hinged delta style anchor
• Made from premium quality 316 stainless steel
• Built to meet high OEM specifications and performance requirements
• Agressive initial bite with incredible holding power
• Sleek hydrodynamic profile to quickly reach seabeds
• Optimized surfaces for proper self-orienting drops
• Properly weighted for balanced drops 
• Highly polished flawless look that's easy to clean & maintain
• 5 year limited warranty
• Finish: Stainless Steel

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