T-Top & Boat Accessories

Customize your Stryker T-Top and center console boat to get the most out of your time out on the water! Whether you're a leisure boater or serious sports fisher, we can help you dial in the perfect upgrade package. Since 2007, we have been manufacturing a full range of affordable, very high quality aftermarket accessories for boat t-tops in aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and roto-molded materials. Get OEM quality products, honest service, great prices and fast shipping from our location in Summerville, South Carolina. We have full time sales and support teams ready to answer any questions you have.


Upgrades and Accessories for Boat T-Tops

Upgrading a center console boat's T-top can significantly improve its functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the boating experience for the owner and passengers. Upgrading t-tops can involve adding additional rod holders, electronics boxes, antenna mounts, outrigger mounts, speakers, and lights. For boaters who regularly experience choppy waters, upgrades like V-braces increase the structural strength of a T-top. T-top canopies are offered in many standard and custom colors to match a boat's color scheme. Compared to a standard folding bimini top, a t-top offers so many amazing fishing and boat accessory customization options. Finding an aftermarket manufacturer or dealer in the USA can provide you with quick shipping, a higher level of customer service, and product quality near or at OEM levels.

Rod Holders

Boat T-top rod holders offer several benefits for anglers and boaters that enhance the fishing experience, improve organization onboard, and maximize the functionality of center console boats equipped with T-tops.

T-top rod holders provide a convenient and accessible location to store fishing rods while on the water. This keeps rods organized and readily available, saving time and effort during fishing trips. By utilizing the vertical space on the T-top frame, rod holders help maximize deck space on the boat. This is especially valuable on smaller vessels where space is limited, allowing anglers to maintain a clutter-free deck while still having multiple rods easily accessible.

Instead of laying rods down on the deck or leaning them against the gunnels, T-top rod holders help reduce clutter and potential tripping hazards onboard. This creates a safer and more organized environment for both anglers and passengers. Rod holders protect fishing rods from damage that can occur when they're left unsecured on the deck or leaning against hard surfaces. By keeping rods securely in place, rod holders help prevent accidental breakage or tangling of fishing lines.

T-top rod holders allow anglers to carry and deploy multiple fishing rods simultaneously, increasing their fishing efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for trolling or using multiple rod setups with different baits or lures. With rods securely mounted in rod holders, anglers can enjoy hands-free fishing while waiting for bites or tending to other tasks onboard. This allows for greater versatility and multitasking while still keeping rods in a ready position for action.

T-top rod holders come in various configurations and styles, allowing boaters to customize their setup based on their specific needs and preferences. A "rocket launcher," for example, can have 5 or 7 rod holders in one unit with options like LED deck lights attached. Whether it's adjustable rod holders, rocket launchers, or combination units, there are options to suit different types of fishing and boating activities.

T-Top Electronics Boxes

More than just a secure place to lock your phone or valuables, boat T-top electronics boxes offer several benefits for boaters, especially those who rely on electronic navigation, communication, and fishing equipment.

Electronics boxes provide a secure and weatherproof housing for valuable electronic equipment, such as fish finders, GPS units, radios, and stereo systems. By protecting these devices from rain, spray, and sun exposure, electronics boxes help prolong their lifespan and ensure reliable performance. Electronics boxes are typically lockable, providing an added layer of security for expensive electronic equipment. This helps deter theft and vandalism, giving boaters peace of mind when leaving their boat unattended or moored in unfamiliar locations.

By consolidating electronic equipment into a single enclosure, electronics boxes help reduce clutter on the boat's console or T-top. This creates a cleaner and more organized cockpit area, minimizing the risk of accidental damage to cables, connectors, and fragile components. Mounting electronic equipment in an elevated position on the T-top improves visibility and accessibility for the boat operator. This allows for easier monitoring of navigation charts, fish finder readings, and radio communications, enhancing situational awareness and safety while underway.

Electronics boxes help optimize space onboard by utilizing the vertical surface area of the T-top or console. This frees up valuable deck space for other equipment, seating, or fishing activities, maximizing the boat's utility and comfort for passengers. With electronic equipment housed in a centralized location, boaters can quickly and easily access essential navigation, communication, and entertainment functions while on the water. This facilitates efficient operation and minimizes distractions while navigating or fishing.

Electronics boxes come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types and sizes of electronic equipment. While some boxes are made of thin fiberglass, Stryker T-Tops now offer high-impact roto-molded plastic similar to what coolers are made of. White and black colored enclosures are available with premium marine quality speakers and LED dome lights on premium models.

In addition to their practical benefits, electronics boxes can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the boat's T-top or console. Many boxes are designed to complement the boat's overall design and finish, adding a sleek and professional look to the helm area.

Antenna/Accessory Mounts

Boat T-top antenna accessory mounts offer boaters a practical and efficient solution for optimizing antenna performance, protecting valuable equipment, and enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of their vessel. In addition, these flat mounts provide a solid and sturdy base for installing deck spreader lights, navigation lights or just about anything you can think of.

T-top antenna mounts provide an elevated and unobstructed location for mounting antennas, allowing for improved signal reception and transmission. By elevating antennas above the boat's structure and potential obstructions, such as radar arches or cabin roofs, T-top mounts help maximize antenna performance and range. By positioning antennas away from other electronic equipment, wiring, and metal structures onboard, T-top antenna mounts help minimize interference and signal degradation. This ensures clear and reliable communication, navigation, and entertainment signals, even in challenging marine environments.

Elevated antenna placement provided by T-top mounts can result in broader coverage areas for communication and navigation systems. This is especially beneficial for long-range communication, satellite reception, and GPS navigation, allowing boaters to maintain connectivity and accurate positioning over greater distances. T-top antenna mounts offer a secure and stable mounting platform for antennas, protecting them from damage caused by impacts, vibrations, and harsh marine conditions. This helps prolong the lifespan of antennas and ensures consistent performance, even in rough seas or adverse weather.

T-top antenna mounts provide a clean and streamlined appearance by neatly integrating antennas into the boat's T-top structure. This enhances the overall aesthetics of the boat and minimizes clutter on the deck or console, contributing to a sleek and modern look. T-top antenna mounts are designed for easy installation on T-top frames, with mounting hardware and instructions provided for straightforward setup. This allows boaters to quickly and securely install antennas without specialized tools or expertise, saving time and effort.

T-top antenna mounts are available in various configurations to accommodate different types and sizes of antennas, including VHF antennas, GPS antennas, radar domes, satellite antennas, and more. This versatility allows boaters to customize their antenna setup to suit their specific communication, navigation, and entertainment needs.

Since these mounts have a solid flat base to mount to, customers have also used them to mount navigation lights, spotlights, deck lights, loudspeakers, and pretty much anything. The mounting clamp allows for many mounting locations and orientations on the t-top.

Outrigger Mounts

Boat T-top outrigger mounts enhance the trolling capabilities of center console boats, offering anglers an effective and efficient way to spread fishing lines and increase their chances of success on the water.

Outrigger mounts attached to the T-top allow anglers to deploy outriggers, extending fishing lines away from the boat's hull. This increases the trolling spread, maximizing the coverage area and increasing the chances of attracting fish. By spreading fishing lines out to the sides of the boat, outriggers help minimize the risk of lines tangling with each other, especially when trolling multiple lines simultaneously. This promotes a more organized and efficient fishing experience, reducing frustration and time spent untangling lines.

Outriggers enable anglers to position lures or baits at different distances and angles from the boat, creating a more natural and enticing presentation for fish. This can be particularly effective for targeting species that are wary of boat noise or presence. Outriggers mounted on the T-top provide additional lateral stability to the boat while trolling, reducing rolling motion caused by waves or boat wakes. This enhances onboard comfort for anglers and passengers, especially in rough sea conditions.

Outrigger mounts on the T-top elevate fishing lines above the water's surface and away from the boat's hull, reducing the risk of lines getting caught in propellers or other underwater obstructions. This helps prevent damage to fishing gear and ensures a safer fishing environment. T-top outrigger mounts are compatible with various types of outrigger poles, including fixed-length poles, telescoping poles, and collapsible poles. Anglers can choose the outrigger setup that best suits their fishing style, target species, and boat size.

Many T-top outrigger mounts feature a simple and quick installation process, allowing anglers to easily attach and detach outrigger poles as needed. This convenience makes it practical to deploy outriggers for fishing trips and stow them away when not in use.

Boat T-Top Lights

Whether they are spreader lights, navigation lights, or LED light bars, additional lighting offers numerous benefits for boaters. Boat T-top lights enhance visibility during low-light conditions or at night, improving safety on the water by making the boat more visible to other vessels, obstacles, and navigational hazards.

Well-lit boats are easier to spot in emergency situations, such as search and rescue operations or distress situations. T-top lights increase the visibility of the boat to rescue teams, helicopters, and other vessels, improving the chances of a successful rescue. Navigation lights mounted on the T-top help boaters comply with maritime regulations by signaling the boat's position, direction of travel, and status to other vessels. This is crucial for safe navigation, especially in busy waterways or when operating in reduced visibility.

Deck spreader lights or LED light bars mounted on the T-top provide bright illumination of the boat's deck and surrounding water, making it easier for boaters to see and move around safely, even in the dark. This enhances onboard visibility for fishing, maintenance, docking, and other activities.

T-top lights can attract baitfish and gamefish to the boat, especially when fishing at night or in low-light conditions. LED underwater lights mounted on the T-top can also illuminate the water around the boat, attracting baitfish and predators, and improving visibility for night fishing.

T-top lights can enhance the appearance of your boat, adding a stylish and modern look to the T-top structure. LED lights, in particular, offer customizable color options and effects, allowing boaters to personalize the look of their boat. LED lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional halogen or incandescent lights. This means boaters can enjoy extended use of their T-top lights without draining the boat's battery or needing frequent bulb replacements.

Boat T-Top Speakers

Boat T-top speakers offer boaters a convenient, high-performance audio solution for enjoying music and entertainment while on the water. They enhance the overall boating experience for captains, passengers, and guests.

T-top speakers are designed to deliver high-quality audio performance, allowing boaters to enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, or radio stations while on the water. These speakers are often engineered to produce clear and balanced sound, even in noisy or windy conditions. By adding speakers to the T-top structure, boaters can create a more immersive and enjoyable entertainment experience onboard. Whether relaxing at anchor, cruising, or fishing, having music playing from T-top speakers can enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of the boat.

T-top speakers help conserve valuable deck space by utilizing the vertical space on the T-top frame for speaker installation. This frees up deck space for other accessories, equipment, or activities, maximizing the boat's functionality and comfort.

T-top speakers are often positioned strategically to provide directional sound coverage across the boat's cockpit or seating area. This ensures that all passengers can enjoy the music without the need for excessively loud volume levels, reducing disturbance to neighboring boats or wildlife.

T-top speakers are built to withstand the harsh marine environment, with UV-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant hardware, and waterproof construction features. This ensures long-term durability and reliability, even when exposed to saltwater, sunlight, and rough seas.

Many T-top speakers come with adjustable mounting options, allowing boaters to customize the speaker placement and angle to suit their preferences. This versatility ensures optimal sound dispersion and coverage, regardless of the boat's layout or seating arrangement. T-top speakers can be integrated with existing audio systems on the boat, including marine stereos, amplifiers, and Bluetooth receivers. This allows boaters to conveniently control the music playback, volume, and audio sources from the helm or cockpit area.

T-top speakers can enhance the boat's appearance, adding a stylish and modern look to the T-top structure. Many speakers feature sleek designs, integrated LED lighting, and customizable color options to complement the boat's overall aesthetics.

V-Braces for T-tops

The boat T-top V-brace effectively reinforces and stabilizes the T-top structure, improving durability, safety, and performance in various marine conditions. V-braces significantly increase the stability and rigidity of the T-top structure, especially in rough seas or during high-speed maneuvers. By reinforcing the T-top's framework, V-braces help reduce flexing, shaking, or wobbling, providing a more secure and stable platform for mounting accessories and equipment. V-braces distribute the load and stress evenly across the T-top's frame, helping to prevent fatigue, bending, or failure of the aluminum or stainless steel tubing over time. This enhances the overall durability and longevity of the T-top, ensuring reliable performance in demanding marine conditions.

V-braces help reduce noise and vibration transfer to sensitive electronic equipment, such as fish finders, GPS units, and radios, by minimizing unwanted vibrations and resonance within the T-top structure. This ensures optimal performance and accuracy of onboard electronics, particularly during fishing or navigation activities. The added reinforcement provided by V-braces allows the T-top to support heavier loads without compromising stability or structural integrity. This enables boaters to safely mount additional accessories, such as radar domes, antennas, speakers, and fishing outriggers, without concerns about overloading or instability.

V-braces help mitigate the risk of damage or injury caused by sudden impacts, collisions, or rough sea conditions. By providing additional structural support to the T-top, V-braces reduce the likelihood of structural failure or collapse, enhancing the safety of passengers and onboard equipment. Stryker has two models available: the standard V-brace model for the SG300 and SG600 T-top models and another V-brace for the SG900 T-top model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of accessories are commonly available for boat T-tops?

Common boat T-top accessories include rod holders, outriggers, antenna mounts, LED lighting, electronics boxes, canvas enclosures, storage bags, and sunshade extensions. These accessories cater to different needs like fishing, navigation, safety, and comfort.

Q: How are T-top accessories typically installed?

T-top accessories are usually installed by attaching them directly to the T-top structure of the boat. This can involve bolting or screwing the accessory into place using the provided mounting hardware. Some accessories may require additional assembly or customization to fit correctly.

Q: Can T-top accessories be added to any boat with a T-top?

In general, T-top accessories are designed to be compatible with standard T-top structures found on most boats. However, compatibility may vary depending on the specific design and dimensions of the T-top, as well as the type of accessory being installed. It's important to ensure that the accessory is suitable for your boat's T-top before making a purchase.

Q: What are some popular T-top accessories for fishing boats?

Popular T-top accessories for fishing boats include rod holders, outriggers, and electronics mounts. These accessories help anglers organize their gear, deploy fishing lines, and navigate effectively while on the water. Some accessories, like rod holders, can also be customized with additional features such as adjustable angles or locking mechanisms.

Q: Are there T-top accessories available to enhance comfort and protection?

Yes, T-top accessories are specifically designed to enhance comfort and protection for boaters. These may include canvas enclosures or sunshade extensions to provide shelter from the sun and weather and storage solutions to keep personal belongings secure and easily accessible.

Q: How do I choose the right T-top accessories for my boat?

When choosing T-top accessories for your boat, consider your boating activities, preferences, and budget. Think about the functionality and features you need, as well as the compatibility of the accessories with your boat's T-top structure. Researching product reviews and consulting with experts can help you make informed decisions. Our sales and support teams in Summerville, South Carolina are available at (843) 948-6920 or Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST.


With so many ways to customize a boat t-top, the sky is the limit when it comes time to dial it in for your personal usage and style. Any combination you can think of to combine rod holders, an electronics box, antenna/accessory mounts, outrigger mounts, speakers, lights, v-braces, and canopy colors will make your boat unique to you. In addition to what we have listed here, there are many more t-top and boat accessories available. Before you select your t-top accessories for checkout, be sure to double check they are compatible with your particular t-top model and tubing diameter.