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V-Brace Stabilizer Kit for T-Tops

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Stryker's V-Brace Stabilizer Kit is the ultimate way to maximize your t-top's strength. A properly installed Stryker T-Top using all the provided mounting hardware including the center console stand-offs already provides significant rigidity with minimal movement or unwanted sway.

However, if you have added extra weight by installing several accessories overhead and/or your local waters experience some choppy waters, adding an extra layer of beefy structural support might be a good idea for you.

Installation is simple for the average do-it-yourselfer and should take only about 1-2 hours. As you can see in the images on this page, the solid aluminum bases are diagonally mounted on the front of the center console and are connected to the front legs of the t-top. The front mounting base is attached by a stainless steel heim joint to one end of an arm and the opposite end has a second heim joint which is connected to a solid aluminum mounting clamp. The clamps are designed to mount on 2" diameter tubing using 2 allen head bolts. Included rubber inserts line the inner surface of the clamps to prevent metal-to-metal scratching on your t-top’s finish and to eliminate any related squeaking or noise. Each heim joint pivots on a steel ball and allows a wide range of rotation and many possible angles to allow optional installation positions. For even easier installation, 4 Stryker quick-release knobs are included (1 for each heim joint ball). Once completely installed, you can rest assured that your t-top can take whatever comes at it!

Made with the same quality of materials and attention to fit and finish Stryker is known for, the arms are made of polished high tensile T6 6061 aluminum with an extremely durable anodized finish for maximum protection from the harsh marine environment. Clean up is easy with just a regular rinsing off with clean fresh water and a quick wipe-down using a clean cloth will keep them looking new for many many years.

The V-Brace Stabilizer Kit includes two complete arm pieces (left and right) with all the required mounting hardware. Each arm measures 22" long (including a heim joint at both ends). The mounting bases that install on the front of the center console are CNC machined out of solid T6 6061 anodized aluminum. The diameter at the bottom of each base is 2" and the height is 2 1/2". For the installation, each base includes a 1/2" thick, 2 1/2" long all-thread bolt, one 2 3/4" diameter aluminum backing washer that is 3/16" thick, two 2 1/4" diameter rubber washers and one split washer.

Proudly includes Stryker T-Top’s popular 5 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

• Adds ultimate strength and rigidity to your t-top
• High-end aircraft grade aluminum with smooth hand polished surface
• Premium anodized finish for ultimate protection from the elements
• Simple DIY installation averages 1-2 hours
• Kit includes 2 complete stabilization bars with all the mounting hardware
• Set of 4 Stryker quick-release knobs included
• Finish: Anodized Aluminum

V Brace

Easy to install. Looks like it should work.

V-Brace Stabilizer Kit

This stabilizer did the trick. We mounted the SG-600 to our Clackacraft Magnum fiberglass boat and needed more supports. Thanks for thinking about the non-aluminum boat market.


Made well, stabilized the top a lot. Should have come with the t-top.

Great stabilizer

Easy to install!

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