Rod Holders

Rod Holders for T-Tops

Keep your fishing rods organized and up off the deck with any of our universal clamp-on rod holder accessories. All are made of premium aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for strength and corrosion resistance. We offer all in optional finishes of anodized or powder coated white or black. Select from single rod holders or multi rod rocket launchers.

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Rod Holders

Boat T-top rod holders offer several benefits for anglers and boaters that enhance the fishing experience, improve organization onboard, and maximize the functionality of center console boats equipped with T-tops. They are one of the most popular and best sellers of fishing accessories due to their low cost and all the benefits they provide.

T-top rod holders provide a convenient and accessible location to store fishing rods while on the water. This keeps rods organized and readily available for use, saving time and effort during fishing trips. By utilizing the vertical space on the T-top frame, rod holders help maximize deck space on the boat. This is especially valuable on smaller vessels where space is limited, allowing anglers to maintain a clutter-free deck while still having multiple rods easily accessible.

Instead of laying rods down on the deck or leaning them against the gunwales, T-top rod holders help reduce clutter and potential tripping hazards onboard. This creates a safer and more organized environment for both anglers and passengers.

Rod holders protect fishing rods from damage that can occur when they're left unsecured on the deck or leaning against hard surfaces. By keeping rods securely in place, rod holders help prevent accidental breakage or tangling of fishing lines.

T-top rod holders allow anglers to carry and deploy multiple fishing rods simultaneously, increasing their fishing efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for trolling or using multiple rod setups with different baits or lures. With rods securely mounted in rod holders, anglers can enjoy hands-free fishing while waiting for bites or tending to other tasks onboard. This allows for greater versatility and multitasking while still keeping rods in a ready position for action.

T-top rod holders come in various configurations and styles, allowing boaters to customize their setup based on their specific needs and preferences. A "rocket launcher," for example, can have 5 or 7 rod holders in one unit with options like LED deck lights attached. Whether it's adjustable rod holders, rocket launchers, or combination units, there are options to suit different types of fishing and boating activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a T-top rod holder?

A T-top rod holder is a piece of equipment commonly found on boats with T-tops. It is designed to securely hold fishing rods in place while the boat is underway or stationary, providing easy access to fishing gear and keeping rods organized and within reach. Most commonly, t-top rod holders feature a clamping base to fit certain diameters of tubing. This allows them to be removable and easily relocated to suit the boat owner’s preference.

Q: What is the purpose of T-top rod holders?

The primary purpose of T-top rod holders is to provide a convenient and secure storage solution for fishing rods. Keeping the rods elevated and out of the way helps prevent tangles and damage while maximizing deck space for other activities. They are an inexpensive and handy upgrade for any center console boat including many pontoon boat models.

Q: Where to you install rod holders?

T-top rod holders are usually mounted directly to the T-top structure of the boat using a universal clamp that fits a range of tubing diameters. Most are mounted higher up on the t-top tubing or on a rail mount to keep them organized and out of the way. They may be removable or fixed in place as well as adjustable to accommodate different rod lengths and configurations. Some T-top rod holders also feature swivel or rotating mechanisms for added versatility.

Q: What the best material for fishing rod holders?

For the rod holders, most consider aircraft grade aluminum alloy like 6061-T6 ideal for its strength-to-weight benefits and excellent resistance to corrosion. Optional finishes are available with anodized aluminum being the most common followed by powder coating. Both of these finishes provide superior added protection even in harsh marine environments. Stainless steel rod holders are the second most common material and although they have a nice reflective finish, extra regular maintenance is required. Either material is considered heavy duty and will provide excellent strength needed for rod storage.

Q: How many rods can a T-top rod holder hold?

The number of rods a T-top rod holder or rod rack can accommodate depends on its design and configuration. Some holders are designed as a single rod holder, while a rocket launcher or rod rack may be capable of holding multiple rods simultaneously. The capacity of each holder should be specified by the manufacturer. Depending on where rod holders are mounted, special hardware, clamp sizes, or adapters might be required.

Q: Can T-top rod holders be adjusted?

Yes, many T-top rod holders have a universal clamp that makes them removable and simple to relocate to a different spot like rear-facing, side mount, or anywhere that has the correct diameter tubing. Some models are are adjustable to accommodate different angles. This allows fishers to customize the setup to their preferences and fishing style. Adjustable rod holders often feature locking mechanisms or friction controls to secure the rods in place once adjusted.

Q: Are there different types of T-top rod holders available?

Yes, there are various types of T-top rod holders available to suit different preferences and needs. Some common types include clamp-on rod holders, rocket launchers, outrigger mounts and gimbal-mounted rod holders. Each type offers its own advantages and may be preferred depending on the boat's design and the angler's preferences. New products are always coming to market that expand on existing marine accessories. Rod holders are always evolving to make boating and fishing a better experience.

Q: Can I use a t-top rod holder for trolling?

Standard t-top rod holders are designed for standard fishing poles and are not recommended for trolling. For trolling, dedicated outrigger mounts are a popular alternative because they a designed to handle greater forces and stress common with bigger fish and heavy duty trolling poles.

Q: How do I choose the right size and type of rod holder for my boat??

When choosing a T-top rod holder, consider factors such as the number of rods you typically use, the mounting options available on your T-top, and any specific features or adjustments you require. It's also essential to ensure the rod holder is compatible with the size and types of rods you plan to use. If you are mounting to a t-top which has a particular diameter of tubing, make sure the universal clamp on the rod holders is compatable.


Because of their versatility, rod holders are the most popular boat t-top upgrade. They add convenience, reduce clutter, protect fishing rods, maximize space, increase the number of rods available, and allow hands-free fishing. Also, for even greater customization, there are a variety of formats of single holders or multiple rod holders with optional built-in LED deck lights. Stryker has a full line of t-top rod holder options to choose from.