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Stryker T-Top Rocket Launcher (7 Rod) with LED Lights - Powder Coated Black

$659.00 $579.00
(You save $80.00)

  • Product Code: RL700LED-BK

Our new 7 Rod Rocket Launcher with 2 swiveling LED lights offers all the awesome features of our regular rocket launchers plus two fully adjustable and rotating high intensity LED deck flood lights. The lights independently rotate 360 degrees and tilt 180 degrees. Each housing has 3 intensely bright LEDs that emit a very clean white light with a very slightly blue tint. Absolutely perfect for lighting up any part of the deck plus you get the benefit of LED's lower power draw and exceptionally long life.

This all-in-one unit is a must have not only for the great combination of features, but also for the extremely economical price. It ships prewired with plenty of extra length to feed down the t-top's leg.

One of the clamps has a pre-drilled hole through which the wires exit. Once you know the exact installation point, you will drill a hole in the tube you are mounting on to line up with the clamp's wire location. Feed the wire through the tube, connect to your power source and tighten down the rod holder clamps.

Easily clamp this unit to your Stryker T-Top or other hardtop, tower, radar arch, rail or any structure made from 2 inch aluminum pipe. Made from marine-grade aluminum extrusions and cold-drawn tubing with a powder coated black finish for extra protection. Like all Stryker products, the quality of materials, fit, finish, impressive welds and professional craftsmanship is top-notch. Clamp turns and locks in place every 18 degrees.

Unit measures 38" wide, 15" high including the rod holders, 25" from outside of each clamp and 21" is the inside measurement from each clamp. The clamps themselves are 2" wide. The light housings are 4.5" wide, 2.5" tall and 3.5" deep.

Note: Intended use of rod holders is to hold rods when they are not in use. Do not put rods in the holders with casted lines, trolling, longline fishing, high weight fishing, etc. may void your warranty.

• Made of high quality, marine-grade aluminum extrusions and cold-drawn tubing
• 2 built-in high intensity LED deck flood lamps
• Lights rotate 360 degrees and tilt 180 degrees
• 3 high intensity, LEDs per lamp with low power draw and long, long life
• Ultra bright, clean white light with a very slight blue tint
• Pre-wired with plenty of extra wire
• Wire lead exits through the right clamp which is drilled through for a clean looking install without any visible wires
• Powder Coated Black finish for protection from the elements
• Easily mounts to any 2" diameter tubing
• Superior craftsmanship
• Holds up to 7 fishing poles
• Very easy to install
• 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects
• Finish: Powder Coated Black

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