Stryker Extreme Coolers

If the extremely high price tags of trendy cooler brand names have you looking for cheaper solutions, we have some options for you. We now manufacture our own line of new generation, high-performance coolers. Our coolers utilize the same technology, performance and quality but sell for a much more reasonable price. Get impressive ice retention that's perfect for fishing, hunting, camping, boating or whatever you have planned. When you compare us with a top brand's cost per gallon/liter and the list of almost identical features, why would anyone spend almost twice as much?

Spend Less Bills for Your Chills!

> 30 Liter Cooler (8 Gallons)

> 50 Liter Cooler (13 Gallons)

> 80 Liter Cooler (21 Gallons)

> 120 Liter Cooler (32 Gallons)

Financing available with zero interest