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Rocket Launcher Rod Holders by Stryker T-Tops

Rocket launchers are probably the most popular accessory purchased with aftermarket t-tops for center console boats. For a small price, you get a lot of added functionality by keeping your fishing rods up off the deck and out of the way while not in use. This video walks you through several universal rocket launchers rod holder models to help customers learn about the different styles, features, options, and also give helpful installation tips. With so many models and options out there, knowing a few basic points can really help shoppers narrow down the best speakers for the job while saving them valuable time and money. While we're all looking to save a little money with equal importance on knowing we purchased a quality product that will last a long time.

In this video, Steven with Stryker T-Tops reviews three different rocket launcher models we offer: our entry level 5 rod rocket launcher, our largest 9 rod rocket launcher, and our newest 7 rod rocket launcher with 2 mounted and fully positionable LED deck lights. Just like our t-tops and other accessories, we use true aricraft grade 6061-T6 tempered aluminum alloy. 6061-T6 the metal of choice for high-end applications and light weight are required. Be aware that some of our competitors use 6063 aluminum. Considering how much weight, pressure and other forces occur on a boat, it is highly advised you opt for 6061-T6 aluminum.

Each rocket launcher is available in one of three finishes to match our t-tops: anodized, powder coated white, or powder coated black. All provide excellent protection to the aluminum and are easy to clean. We recommend using a rinse of clean water and a quick wipe down with a clean micro fiber cloth after each outing. Regular cleaning is is good idea regardless of how active your boat is. For those that store their boat outside, without a cover or live near the ocean, a more frequent regimen is required to keep the finish looking new. There are cleaning products specifically designed for anodized and powder coated finished.

Mounting is very simple and can be done by one person in only about 15 minutes. All Stryker T-Tops are designed with 2" outer diameter tubing on the top hoop where the canopy is tied on. Although we designed our rod holders and other accessories to fit our t-tops, you can mount them on anything that has the same dimensions. Each clamp includes two Allen head bolts, one set screw and a hard composite plastic liner to protect your t-top's finish and prevent noise related to direct metal contact and vibration. For the RL700 model with the LED deck lights, additional time will be required to connect the wires to the power source and wire the interior of the t-top's tubing. In the middle of the mounting clamp, we have pre-drilled a hole to help make for a cleaner looking install with no visible wires. Simply plan out your mounting location, drill a hole in the t-tops tubing and line up the wire location on the clamp.

We hope this helps but if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call, email or visit our website. Our team is ready to get you the information you need without pressuring you to buy.

Also, don't forget to browse our customer boat gallery with over 3,000 customer submitted photos and hundreds of their five star reviews. It's a great way to see how our products look when installed on a variety of our boat t-tops. We have so many different boats and wakeboard towers, you're sure to find your or one that's similar. br>
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Products Featured in this Video:

5 Rod Rocket Launcher (Powder Coated White)

9 Rod Rocket Launcher (Powder Coated Black)

7 Rod Rocket Launcher with LED Deck Lights (Anodized Finish)

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