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Set of 2 Removable Grab Handles

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  • Product Code: SGH100-2

This is a set of two grab handles.

Add an extra grip on your T-top with this versatile grab handle. Perfect for navigating rough seas, or simply to give you and your passengers extra stability when cruising on the water.

Attaches quickly to your Stryker T-Top, or most other types of T-tops.

• Double stitched nylon
• PVC handle with grip notches
• Adjustable with Velcro straps

Grab Handles

These are well constructed and work great. This is my second set, the first set finally weathered away after being on the boat (outside in the weather) for 8 years. They provide a solid hand hold and have actually saved me and the crew a couple of falls over the years. Get them you'll be happy.

Removable grab handles were perfect

Removable grab handles were perfect for my 7 yr old niece to hold onto. Her small hands had a hard time gripping 2" bars. Mounted them to the lower bars of my SG600 so she could hold on when moving from front to back of boat.

Might pick up another set for upper bars. Velcro straps hold very well.

Grab handles

We absolutely love these. They add additional stability when standing. This is a great accessory for your T top. We have a Bullsbay 2200.

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