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Sea Craft with SG600

SG600 Review:
5.0   |   Rating: 5 Stars
Just wanted you to know how high quality your T-Top is. We installed it in about 3 hours. It fit my 20' 1975 SF perfectly. The front vertical tubes extend about 3-4 inches in front of my console giving a great hand hold for persons sitting in the front console seat. The actual lines of the Top are very sleek with a swept back look giving my 35 year old Ocean Skiff a more modern look while keeping the classic lines of the old Potter built Seacrafts. The boat now has 360 degree fishability and hand holds where you reach. It saved us the past weekend at the Galveston Jetties where we have 4-6 foot seas out at the end of the jetties with 8' walls. I cant tell you how much the hand hold saved me from being thrown around and maybe overboard. It even began to rain and the Sunbrella is waterproof. All in all a great top for a great price. Stryker makes the boat look like a totally different vessel. I've had 2 other fisherman in my neighborhood compliment me on the top. I told them all about how I got it, price, installation. They were thinking of biminis and I discouraged them. In the water of the bay and near offshore where I fish mostly in my 20' CC, you regularly get 2 to 3 foot chop and either you better have your bimini deployed or laying down cause rear braces will snap (mine did 2 times). This top is so awsome, and I have 360 degree fishability and a solid hand hold for all passengers. Plus they way it installs I still can use my console side mounted Rocket launchers for my net, gaff, fish Billy, Knives. Very cool.

from League City, Texas United States

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